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Local Councils

Your Local Council is a Local Government organisation that governs an area of land in Australia. The area of land may be a group of suburbs, a large town or a small town including the surrounding countryside.

A Council organisation consists of elected representatives known as Councillors and operational staff known as Council Officers.

The Councillors are elected into their positions by the people who live in the Council area (residents) and people who own property in the Council area (ratepayers). Council elections are held every four years. Councillors stand for election because they are interested in the progress and wellbeing of their district. They represent the interests and wishes of the residents and ratepayers who elected them to their positions.

The leader of the Council is called the Mayor. The way the Mayor is elected varies between Councils. In some Local Government areas, the people elect the Mayor, while in others, the Mayor is elected by fellow Councillors.

The Councillors meet in the Council Chamber or the Town Hall on a regular basis to discuss local issues and to make decisions on the running of the local community on behalf of the residents.

Amongst the many topics of local area administration Local Councils get involved with, one are of particular importance is the approval of new buildings and building inspections.

It’s important you’re familiar with the workings of your Local Council. Get to know how it operates, who’s involved, and what some of the requirements may be regarding your planned renovation.

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