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Electronic Development Applications are here!

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Electronic Development Applications are here!

Sick of Development Application paperwork? Enjoy chasing councilors about your Development Application? Well the residents of Shellhabour and Strathfield Councils in NSW don't have to worry about it. eDA is an online development application submission and tracking system that allows applicants the ease of dealing with the council about their proposed renovation from the comfort of their own PC.

Strathfield Council will soon become the second council in Australia to implement this software, which is unique in its ability to track the application as it is being processed. Applicants can log in and see the progress, as well as having the convenience of emails and text messages that alert them to key milestones in their applications' progress. Associated development and construction documentation can also be completed the same way.

For example, you can log on to your own personal homepage to see all the details of each development application that you lodge. You can also view the 'workflow' which is a listing of tasks required to process the application, including details of each task, action undertaken and the expected duration.

These days, using the Internet for communication is so widespread that services such as eDA make the most sense. It is faster than using snail mail for correspondence, and enables people to engage with information in their own time, at their own convenience. Other councils around Australia have expressed interest in using an online DA service, so check the local council website in your area for the latest news.

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