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Interior Design Trends and Tips

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Interior Design Trends and Tips

Interior design trends are sometimes difficult to pin down. The trends follow fashion, but more slowly, and are usually a mixture of different designs from different eras. So, how do we find out what’s hot and what’s not? Renovate's resident interior design Simone Gillespie shared her knowledge of the 2007 trends, and her tip for 2008.

“The trends this year were towards a more decorative home design, still streamlined and quite minimal, but with more decorative embellishment,” said Simone.

“The decor side of things is of the 'romantic' style with lots of cut glass, chandeliers and metallic’s, teamed with the heavy velvet and textured fabrics, silks and beading,” she said.

So in 2007 we attempted to soften the harsh minimalistic interiors, but what's on the cards for 2008?

“For 2008, design trends will continue in the same vein, but metallic’s in tiles, wallpaper, paint and furnishings will get stronger,” said Simone.

“There will be more embellishment, for example architectural lighting, furnishings and 'futuristic' design making a big move on the interior design scene.

“In terms of colours, black and white schemes will continue to be popular, as will all white and neutral colours of nature.

“Natural materials, recyclable and renewable materials will be a hot ticket this year, and this will also influence colour. This means lots of neutral colours, metallic’s, natural fibre and greens are going to be popular,” she said.

Wallpaper was a trend for 2006, is it still popular?

“Wallpaper is here to stay! It has only just started to gain popularity in Perth. There is so much you can do with it, and it is removable if you want a change,” said Simone.

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