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LASERLITE Polycarbonate Roofing - Uniquely Australian

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LASERLITE Polycarbonate Roofing - Uniquely Australian

LASERLITE Australia offers a wide range of polycarbonate roofing sheets that offer great benefits for the environment and add style to your home.

By installing pergolas above outdoor areas and eaves above windows and doors, using advanced polycarbonate sheets, unwanted heat can be blocked out while letting the light in.

LASERLITE® Apollo is part of the popular LASERLITE® corrugated roofing range, with excellent heat reflecting properties. They significantly reduce the impact of summer heat underneath the sheet thus inside the house.

LASERLITE® polycarbonate sheets are designed, manufactured, and tested in Australia for Australia’s unique climate. They filter 99.9% of harmful UV rays, providing outstanding durability under extreme weather conditions. They can also be used in bushfire prone areas, high wind areas and where boundary conditions apply.

There are many applications of where you can use LASERLITE® sheets around the home, whether it’s for a pergola, carport, verandah, gazebo, greenhouse or conservatory.

LASERLITE® Polycarbonate Sheets come in a wide range of attractive colours and profiles, offering comfort, shade and style.

For more information on LASERLITE® polycarbonate roofing sheets visit our website

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